True African Apparel

2 Ways to Shop Our Authentic African Wedding Outfits

Choose from our catalog of authentic African styles, select your favorite color(s) and size, and we’ll create the perfect-fit clothing expressly for you.

Go ahead - get creative. Tell us your vision for your desired traditional or contemporary wedding outfit(s), including colors, fabric and measurements, and our expert tailors will get to work.

Made-to-Measure, Explained

We take pride in offering our global customers the ability to truly personalize their Native & Sewn wedding apparel. We’re expert designers, tailors and stylists, ready to create the outfit(s) of your dreams for your special day.

1. Choose Your Perfect Look

Select a made-to-order outfit from our Men’s or Women’s Style Catalogs, or for a fully custom experience, send us images of and details about the wedding outfit(s) you desire for yourself and/or your entire wedding party.

2. Our Design Team Goes to Work

Made-to-order outfits start once we have your selections. For custom orders, we first give you a quote based on your specifications, and proceed once your payment is received.

3. We Tailor-Make Your Authentic African Apparel

Working from your measurements, we perfectly tailor your made-to-order and/or custom outfit(s), sending you pictures for your approval before shipping.

4. Your Satisfaction & Compliments, Guaranteed

We are so sure you’ll love every stitch and perfect fit of your custom Native & Sewn clothing, we offer a 100% guarantee. Compliments are also included :-)

Real Feedback from Our Tribe of Satisfied Customers

Lisa in Oakland, CA

First time ordering from Native & Sewn, beyond pleased...

Nikki in Riverside, CA

I am so happy with my purchase from Native & Sewn! I needed to order 7 tops for my groomsmen and Emmanuel help me every step of the way. My future husband and I will definitely be ordering from Native and Sewn again.

Rashan in Washington, DC

I could not have asked for a better experience and more professional customer service!...

Ashante in San Jose, CA

Very professional and personable. They stayed in constant communication with me and when I received the final project I was speechless. They did such a beautiful job on my wedding dress. I love it

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— We’ve done this quite a few times for people like you. Here's some of the outfits we’ve made for real customers.


Wedding Couple

What else can I expect?

Though each wedding outfit we make may
differ, there's some things you can always count on.

 Professional tailored outfits made with quality and authentic fabrics.

 Full control of how your outfits are made.

 Approving your outfits before we ship.

 Continued support and updates when you need it.

 Authentic African Made Outfits. All Made in Nigeria.

The perfect style for everyone in attendance.

We are experts at making both traditional and contemporary African outfits for brides, grooms, children, bridesmaids, and groomsmen. Whatever role you have to play in that upcoming wedding, you can rest assured we got you covered.

Lace Gown

Popular Bride Outfits

  • Full Ankara (aka African Print) Print Gown
  • Ankara Print (aka African Print) Accent Gown
  • Lace Gown w/ Gele
  • Blouse & Wrapper w/ Gele
Senator Suit

Popular Groom Outfits

Ankara Dress

Popular Bridesmaids Outfits

  • Full Ankara (aka African Print) Print Gown
  • Ankara Print (aka African Print) Accent Gown
  • Lace Gown w/ Gele
Native Etibo Shirts Catalog

Popular Groomsmen Outfits


Q. Where is your apparel produced?

All our apparel is made in our workshop in Nigeria, West Africa. Within the communities that inspired them using traditional fabrics and methods.

Q. Do you have an actual location or is it just online?

We’re an online business with no physical showroom location at the moment. However we do have our main workshop in Nigeria, West Africa and a workspace in the Washington, DC USA area.

Q. Do you have more wedding outfit styles?

We’re still working on building out our wedding catalog, but the beautiful thing about our business is that we can custom make just about any wedding outfit style you have in mind. Simply send us a Custom Request with details and pictures of the outfits you want. You can also email us your request to

Q. How long will it take for my wedding outfits to arrive?

It depends on the style and the number of outfits you orderd, but typically, sewing time takes about 3 weeks and 2 weeks for shipping. So on average, about 5 weeks or so.

Q. Do you have outfits in large sizes?

There will be no issues about your outfit fitting because it will be custom made according to your measurements.

Q. How will you know my measurements?

You can enter your measurements on your My Account page once you create an account with us. You can learn to take your own measurements by referring to our Taking Your Measurements page or visit a local tailor and have them take it for you.

Q. How do you assure that my outfit fits correctly?

Simple, through multiple validation processes. We analyze your height, weight and full body photos to validate if the measurements you provide makes sense. If not, we will quickly inform you of any issue we come across.

Q. How do you assure that my outfit looks correct?

We achieve this by letting you call all the shots and by not assuming anything. We send you pictures of all the fabrics being used and of the finished outfit for you to approve. We also continually keep you updated on the progress of your order and follow up with any questions we may have during the tailoring of your outfit.

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