True African Apparel

How Our Custom Process Works

1. Make Your Request

Select an outfit style from our Custom Request Catalog then provide us with photos, fabric type, fabric color and basic details about your desired outfit style. You can also add outfits from our Men's and Women's catalog to your Custom Request list.

2. Payment & Fabric Search

We'll review your request and follow up with any questions we may have. Once we've reviewed everything, we will send you a proposal quote for your request. If you agree, you can add your Custom Request Outfits to your cart and proceed with payment. Once payment is made, we will begin processing your order and start on your fabric search.

3. Fabric Selection & Start Sewing

After selecting your fabric and providing us with your measurements, which can be entered on your My Account page once you've created an account with us, we’ll start sewing your custom outfit.

4. Approval & Shipping

Finally, once your order is complete, we'll send you photos of your custom-made outfit for your approval. If all is well, we'll ship your order.

Apparel that looks and fits perfectly.

Since we deal majorly online, I’m sure you’re asking yourself: how do we ensure that your outfit turns out correctly? Simple, through multiple validation processes.

Our first validation starts after you make your initial request, which should include basic details about your desired style and fabric color, or perhaps you may have chosen something from our catalog. We thoroughly review your request and if needed, follow up with a list of questions to better understand your request. Once we have a very good idea of what you want, we then proceed to send you an invoice. Immediately we receive payment, we jump right into searching for your desired material.

Our next validation starts at the fabric search and measurements phase. During this phase, we take the information you provided about your desired fabric and search the fabric market for fabrics that closely match your request. After our search, we send you photos of our findings for you to then make a selection. This ensures that you see and approve the fabrics before we start sewing your outfit. During this phase we also validate the measurements you provided us via our measurement form. If there’s any issues with the measurements you provided, we will follow up with you to get everything straighten out.

We get our scissors busy once we receive your fabric selection and validated your measurements. Once we’re done, our final validation takes place. During this final validation phase, we send you photos of your finished custom-made outfit for your approval. Internally, we validate each of the measurements your provided to make sure everything matches, but If needed, we can also send you measurement photos of your custom-made outfit so you can further be assured that it will fit perfectly once it arrives. Once you approve your finished outfit, we then proceed to ship your order.